A Photo Shoot is Taking Place in Deep Ellum

Right now, as you begin to read this sentence, the universe is expanding relative to an ever-changing scale of space. The Earth will take the next 23.93 hours to complete one full turn on its axis, rotating at just over 1,000 miles per hour. The rate of plate spreading along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge averages about 2.5 centimeters a year. And right now, as you read this magazine, a photo shoot is taking place in Deep Ellum.


Dr. Facebook & Mr. Tweet

“New parents will typically convert their social media accounts into online records of their child’s every accomplishment, however slight. For better or worse, baby’s first everything is preserved in a digital photo filtered to appear as though it was processed 40 years ago and then expeditiously time-stamped, geocoded, and uploaded to Facebook. I made a rule that I would not engage in such paternal cyber-sharing.

My son was barely on the planet 48 hours when I rescinded my Facebook rule.”  


This Is What a Pro-Life Feminist Looks Like

“There are a lot of things I like about Destiny. We just happen to have different ideas about when exactly a human being becomes a human being, and whether or not the woman carrying said human being should be allowed to surgically remove that human being from her womb before it becomes a much larger human being. It’s a topic I try not to get into with her. Not just because she’s pro-life, but because she’s the founder of an organization called New Wave Feminists.”



How People Complained in the Pre-internet Age

“In some ways, it was a lot easier to complain in the pre-internet era. You just opened your angry mouth and let the objections spill out like a hoard of extremely caffeinated bees. This method allowed you to take whatever was bothering you at the moment, instantly get it off your chest, transfer it directly to the person or persons sitting in your immediate vicinity, and allow them to shoulder your childish burden for as long as they decided to care.”

8 Excuses to Justify Buying That Third Gaming Headset

Excuse #4: The first set is too cold. The second set is too hot. The third set will be just right. This excuse also serves as a plausible defense for burglarizing humanoid bear families and eating their abandoned servings of boiled grain.



The Room with a View

Q: ‘The Room’ was released in 2003, came out on DVD in 2005 and is still popular with the midnight crowds. Aren’t you tired of talking about it?

Tommy Wiseau: No, I say to mainstream media, as well as you guys, whatever media you are, I will say they are losing the boat. What I meant by that, you know, the interest is there. I said just recently to someone, and I’m not here to drop names or criticize anyone, some of the people in the mainstream media are behind schedule, if I may say that. Because, again, this is something new entertainment. You know?”


Nerd Alert: Best and Worst Video Games of 2010

“Admittedly, this list is far from comprehensive. But truth be told, these were the five games I spent the most time with this year. If you don’t believe me, just ask my wife. And tell her that I miss her.”



The Dallas Observer Music Section’s Corrections, Retractions, and Omissions

•  Lou Reed and John Cale are the founders of the Velvet Underground, not the two bald dudes from Right Said Fred (“I’m Waiting for My Shirt,” January 11, 1979).

•  Syphilis is not a mutated strain of the rockin’ pneumonia (“I Second That Inflammation,” July 13, 2006).

•  Was (Not Was) released the 1987 smash hit “Walk the Dinosaur,” not Lady Blacksmith Mambazo (“Ah Um Ooh Bah,” May 5, 2005).

•  Jimi Hendrix (“This Kid Can Jam!” February 15, 1968) played the electric guitar, not the jaw harp.

•  Rikki Rocket was not the drummer for Led Zeppelin (“Lick It There,” January 4, 1987).

Down and Dirty: An Interview with Blowfly, the Godfather of Filthy Funk

Q: “Obviously the people who wrote the songs you parody had their own inspiration, but when you’re parodying them, what’s your inspiration? Other than vaginal intercourse.”

Blowfly: “What’s wrong with being inspired by [vaginas]? If your daddy wasn’t inspired by [a vagina] you wouldn’t be here!”



QuakeCon: Frag Party

“Perhaps most rewarding, if ultimately a bit ironic, is the feeling of community
that permeates every aspect of the event, despite its base in mercilessly destroying
the pixilated representation of fellow gamers.

QuakeCon wouldn’t thrive if it was a solely fan-based affair or a gigantic corporate laser light extravaganza that’s only purpose was to sell as much product as possible. What it’s become is a symbiotic relationship in which the line that separates consumer and corporate entities blurs, if only for a few days.”


Texas Frightmare Weekend: A Horror Fan Holiday

“Having appeared in more than 150 film and television projects (including such seminal B-movie horror classics as Tales from the Hood and both The Dentist and The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself), Corbin Bernsen arrived at Texas Frightmare Weekend with a wealth of wares: 20 different styles of 8×10 glossy photos, an assortment of DVDs and a collection of posters that included an enlargement of Bernsen and his L.A. Law castmates lampooned on the October 1987 cover of Mad Magazine. All of these items could and would be happily autographed for a fee.”


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